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Marchal assembly For S&S B TRA126

Marchal assembly For S&S B TRA126

Could fit on either horizontal or vertical !
Item #: 1134-22

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TRA 126 Series is round shape Air cleaner including filter.
Outside diameter is 145mm(about 5 3/4"), Thickness is 46mm(about 1 13/16").
It keeps very compact size but has enough capacity by setting up the filter on the back of the cover.

There are 4 types of base according to carb.
*S&S Super B and Keihin(not CV),
*S&S Super E & G,
*Keihin CV and Genuine EFI(round bore),

This assembly includes Super B type base, filter,MARCHAL type Cover and bolts.
It could fit on old keihin carb(not CV) also.
MARCHAL type cover could be set either horizontal or vertical.

All types of base are sold individually. So in case of changing carb,you can keep using it by purchase of another base only.