Narrow Rise clamp (standard) Type H (clamp only)

Narrow Rise clamp (standard) Type H (clamp only)

Top clamp are 1 pieace, looks like rocker arm holder of pan head.
Item #: 1151-52

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The top clamp width are 50mm narrower than genuin.
This clamp make it possible to have super narrow shape of handlebar out line.

The one pieace base clamp gains more stiffness against the concentration of the rotative force.
It could mount on either 35mm or 39mm FX style aluminium top bridge with head light visor.

It comes with
* 4 each of clamp bolts and nuts(5/16-18 SUS)
* 2 each of riser bolts and nuts (1/2-13 SUS)
* 2 of Solid spacer.
* 2 of washer for 39mm stem

It can't fit on the top bridge which doesn't have shouldered hole for ruber mount bush. It can't fit rubber mount Sportster '04 later.
If you shorten your handle bar by welding, please make sure it's straight. Distorted bar may cause the brakeage of the clamp.