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Carburetor Top Cover for W650

Carburetor Top Cover for W650 "Sharp Fin"

Sharp and dynamic!
Item #: 7137-03

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These are cast aluminum carburetor diaphragm cover for W650.
They match up so well with the motor and also add spice to appearance of whole bike.

"Sharp Fin" has lots of sharp corner,just like it sounds.
Polished finish,comes with stainless bolts, sold in pairs.

They don't fit on W800 or W400.


When you change the carb top covers, the plastic throttle sensor is non-matching with those.
To get perfect looks, the cast aluminum sensor cover is also available.
It comes with 2 of special stainless bolts.
It can be sold individually,but if you buy it as a option of carb top cover,you could save 20%!
regular price 5,060yen. If you buy it as a option,4,050yen.

Bevel Gear Cover is also available for W650. (bevel gear cover fits W800 and 400 also.)

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