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Slip-OnCoverforSU,  SU with Fin Black Covered

Slip-OnCoverforSU, SU with Fin Black Covered

SU letter with FIN black contrast, rainproof.
Item #: 1139-64B

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Slip-on Cover for SU A/C is the sand-casted aluminium cover which makes possible to have different design of SU air cleaner cover. Since it uses original air cleaner base and filter,if you already have "SU" air cleaner,It's so easy to install.

This is SU letter & fins, half covered type(rainproof), black contrast finish.
The max diameter is 15mm bigger than original "SU" cover.
flat version is also available.

It comes with 2 pair of slotted head bolt & nylon lock nuts.

note:this item is cover only, air cleaner and filter are not included.