Narrow Rise Clamp for Springer

Narrow Rise Clamp for Springer

Clamp width is only 80mm!
Item #: 1151-55B

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Narrow Rise Clamp for springer fork is a collaboration parts between STER Motorcycle and FORK in 2012.

The width of the clamp section is only 80mm. And this makes it possible to have super narrow outline of a handlebar.

It consists of the top bridge and the clamp.
The top bridge is made of machined duralumin to have enough strength and ductility.
The clamp is made of cast aluminum with heat treating.

It fits old 74 or 45 style springer, inline type only, doesn't fit offset type and new springer (from EVO era).

It comes with bolts for clamp and top bridge but stem nut is not included.
The stem nut has to be flat type because it fits between clamp and top bridge.
The stem nut width should be under 1-1/2"(38.1mm),thickness should be under 8mm(mesure the height over the top bridge).  See diagram left.

This parts are not always in stock.
If you need it right away, please ask the delivery date before you making an order.

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