Bevel Gear Cover Blank Key

Bevel Gear Cover Blank Key

Miniature accessory for W freaks!
Item #: 7195-02

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This is an 3/10 size miniature accessory of FORK original
Bevel Gear Cover W with Fins .

It's a small parts but we make them with same method and materials,so the texture is exactly same as full-size parts.

width 32mm,
maximum thickness 13mm.
The top ring and back plate are stainless.

It will be delivered as a Blank key.
Please bring it to keysmith near you to make a duplicate from yours.
This blank key fits Japanese version of W800,W650 and W400 for sure. But we are not sure that your key is same as Japanese Version. There is a drawing at the left,please make sure that your key has same measurement as in drawing before you make an order.

*You may have to pay import duty at your country customs. We can NOT estimate it.
*Paypal payment is required

If you buy the set with key holder, Free International shipping