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Bevel Gear Cover Key holder & Blank key set

Bevel Gear Cover Key holder & Blank key set

Special set.
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Item #: 7195-12

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This is an 3/10 size miniature key holder & Blank key set of FORK original
Bevel Gear Cover W with Fins .

It's a small parts but we make them with same method and materials,so the texture is exactly same as full-size parts.

width 32mm,
maximum thickness 13mm.
The top ring and back plate are stainless.

It will be delivered as a Blank key.
Please bring it to keysmith near you to make a duplicate from yours.
This blank key fits Japanese version of W800,W650 and W400 for sure. But we are not sure that your key is same as Japanese Version. There is a drawing at the left,please make sure that your key has same measurement as in drawing before you make an order.

width 32mm,
maximum thickness 13mm.
"W with Fins" and FORK logo are on the backside.

☆For international customer☆
We have special free international shipping sale! It's limited time offer and only for this set

*You may have to pay import duty at your country customs. We can NOT estimate it.
*Paypal payment is required